We are a small hobby hedgehog breeder in the Chesapeake Bay area who care about raising happy, healthy, hedgehogs for all to enjoy. I had my first hedgehog a few years ago and completely fell in love with them. Now I’m trying to share my love with the rest of the world and show them these loving and adorable pets that are becoming increasingly popular.

Currently out of babies but have two retired breeders for sale 8/8/13


Due to high demand we are currently out of babies. Our next litter is not expected for a few months as we rearrange our breeding room.

We do however have two females that are retired and are looking for a good home. They are sisters and come as a pair. Please see the Babies page for information about these two hedgies. Feel free to contact us below if you are interested or have any questions. Availability is on first come basis.

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Thank you everyone! I hope all have a great summer!

Your hedgehog momma,


Fun Facts

  • Hedgehogs can live an average of 3-5 years. But some have even reached 7 years!
  • An adult male hedgehog can have as many as 5000 quills!
  • The quills create a pocket of air under the skin and evenly distribute the impact of a fall. Hedgehogs can fall from 20ft perfectly unharmed. (Don’t try this at home!!)
  • Hedgehogs have the ability to run over 6 ft per second to escape predators!
  • Hedgehogs have very sensitive senses of smell and hearing.
  • Hedgehogs are immune to snake venom!
Fun Facts


Our New Website!

I hope my new website provides you with all the information you may need. Please look at my Babies page to see what may be available or to see any upcoming litters you may be interested in. Feel free to Contact us with any questions or concerns you have that are hedgehog related. I'd be glad to offer any assistance I can.


Juliann was a great help in helping me in deciding if a hedgehog was right for me. I had bad experences with other breeders but her great personality left me with confidence in my new baby.

- Chris

Our Newest Babies

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